AGG C Series丨250kVA 60Hz丨Panama

Location: Panama

Generator Set: AGG C Series, 250kVA, 60Hz

AGG generator set helped fight the COVID-19 outbreak at a provisional hospital center in Panama.

Since the establishment of the provisional center, about 2000 Covid patients have been undertaken. Continuous power supply means a lot for this life-saving place. Treatment of the patients requires non-stop power, without which most of the center's basic medical equipment cannot function properly.

Project Introduction:

Located in Chiriquí, Panama, this new provisional hospital center was renovated by the Ministry of Health with a grant of more than 871 thousand Balboas.


The traceability coordinator, Dr. Karina Granados, pointed out that the center has a capacity of 78 beds to serve Covid patients who require care and surveillance due to their age or suffering from a chronic disease. Not only are local patients served in this center, but also patients come from other provinces, regions and foreigners.

Solution Introduction:

 Equipped with a Cummins engine, the quality and reliability of this 250kVA generator set has been well ensured. In case of power failure or grid instability, the generator set can respond quickly to ensure the power supply of the center.

Sound level is one of the considered factors for the center. The genset is designed to be with the AGG E Type enclosure, which has an outstanding noise reduction performance with low noise level. A quiet and safe environment benefits the treatment of patients.


Placed outside, this generator set also stands out for its weather and corrosion resistance, maximum cost performance and long service life.

Fast service support provided by AGG’s local distributor ensures the delivery and installation time of the solution. The global sales and service network is one of the reasons that many customers place their trust in AGG. Service is always available right around the corner to assist our end-users with all their needs.


Helping people's lives makes AGG proud, which is also AGG's vision: Powering a Better World. Thanks for the trust of our partners and end customers!

Post time: Apr-29-2021