AGG C Series 丨2500kVA 60Hz丨Colombia

Location: Colombia

Generator Set: AGG C Series, 2500kVA, 60Hz

AGG has providing reliable power to many vital applications, for example, this main water system project in Colombia.


Powered by Cummins, equipped with Leroy Somer alternator, this 2500kVA generator set is engineered to deliver reliable, mission critical power protection without interruption.

Benefit by the containerized configuration of the generator set, the cost and lead time of installation are significantly shortened. The integrated ladder greatly increases the convenience of the access and installation.


Just as AGG's vision sticks to: building a distinguished enterprise, powering a better world. AGG's motivation to produce endless power to the world is to help our customers to power a better world. Thanks to our dealer and our end customers for their trust!

Post time: Feb-04-2021