• AGG C Series丨250kVA 60Hz丨Panama

    2021/04AGG C Series丨250kVA 60Hz丨Panama

    Location: Panama Generator Set: AGG C Series, 250kVA, 60Hz AGG generator set helped fight the COVID-19 outbreak at a provisional hospital center in Panama. Since the establishment of the provisional center, about 2000 Covid patients have been undertaken...
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  • AGG C Series丨66kVA 50Hz丨Moscow

    2021/03AGG C Series丨66kVA 50Hz丨Moscow

    Location: Moscow, Russia Generator Set: AGG C Series, 66kVA, 50Hz A supermarket in Moscow is being powered by a 66kVA AGG generator set now. Russia is the fourth larges...
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  • AGG Trailer Solution丨330kVA 50Hz丨Myanmar

    2021/03AGG Trailer Solution丨330kVA 50Hz丨Myanmar

    Location: Myanmar Generator Set: 2 x AGG P Series with Trailer, 330kVA, 50Hz Not only in commercial sectors, AGG also provides power to office buildings, such as these two mobile AGG generator sets for an office building in Myanmar.   For ...
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  • AGG C Series 丨2500kVA 60Hz丨Colombia

    2021/02AGG C Series 丨2500kVA 60Hz丨Colombia

    Location: Colombia Generator Set: AGG C Series, 2500kVA, 60Hz AGG has providing reliable power to many vital applications, for example, this main water system project in Colombia. Powered by Cummins, equipped with Leroy Somer ...
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  • AGG AS Series 丨110kVA 60Hz丨Panama

    2021/02AGG AS Series 丨110kVA 60Hz丨Panama

    Location: Panama Generator Set: AS Series, 110kVA, 60Hz   AGG provided generator set to a supermarket in Panama. Robust and reliable power supply ensure the continuous power for the daily operation of the supermarket. Located in Panama City, this supermarket sells p...
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  • AGG Amandla powering I 2018 I-Asia Imidlalo

    2018/08 AGG Amandla powering I 2018 I-Asia Imidlalo

    The 18th Asian Games, one of the biggest multi-sport games following the Olympic Games, Co-hosted in two different cities Jakarta and Palembang in Indonesia. Being held from 18 August to 2 September 2018, more than 11,300 athletes from 45 different countries are expected...
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