AGG Open Type Series丨1500kW丨Philippines

Location: Philippines

Generator Set: 9*AGG open type series gensets丨Powered by Cummins engines

Project introduction:


There are 4 buildings for this project and the total power demand for this project is 13.5 MW. As a reliable backup power source for the 4 buildings and their ancillary equipment, the solution uses an independent parallel system with 5 units installed in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd high buildings and another 4 units in the 4th building.


In the event of natural disasters such as typhoons, when the main power supply cannot guarantee sufficient power, the backup power supply can be maintained for at least 2 weeks to avoid losses to customers.

There were some challenges in this project, such as the parallel system of reasonable power distribution and the priority start-up selection of the generator set, the noise reduction of the critical muffler to at least 35dB, etc. However, thanks to AGG's professional solution design team and on-site partners, the project was successfully completed.

Post time: Jun-13-2022