Essential Life-Saver in Hospital: Backup Generator

Hospitals and emergency units need almost absolutely reliable generator sets. The cost of a hospital power outage is not measured in economic terms, but rather the risk to patient life safety.

Hospitals are a critical place where time is of the essence. As a global provider of power generation equipment with design, manufacturing, and distribution, AGG has extensive experience in the medical field with power generator products that are highly reliable, fast starting, efficient and intelligent, and tailor-made to meet the special needs of power supply in the hospital sector.


In the event of a sudden power outage, load response is guaranteed in such a short time that it hardly affects any ongoing surgeries, laboratories, or hospital wards.

Due to its high reliability, AGG is trusted by customers in the medical field and has provided emergency backup power solutions for anti-epidemic hospitals, public hospitals, medical centers, and medical vehicles around the world. The high performance, stable and reliable AGG generator sets can ensure that once the main power supply is cut off, the alternative power system can provide power immediately to avoid the loss of economy and even life.


In addition to reliable product quality, AGG and its worldwide distributors also always insist on ensuring the integrity of each project from design to after-sales service. The after-sales team will provide customers with the necessary assistance and training when providing after-sales service, to ensure the normal operation of the generator set and the customers' peace of mind.


Whether in the medical field or in other demanding fields, if you need emergency or backup power supply, contact our sales colleagues or email us via, we will respond to your power supply needs in a timely manner!

Post time: Mar-03-2023