What is the Coolant of Diesel Generator Set?

Diesel generator set coolant is a liquid specifically designed to regulate the temperature of a diesel generator set engine, usually mixed with water and antifreeze. It has several important functions.


Heat dissipation: During operation, diesel engines produce a lot of heat. Coolant is used to absorb and carry away this excess heat, preventing the engine from overheating.

Corrosion protection: Coolant contains additives that prevent corrosion and rust from forming inside the engine. This is important to maintain the life and performance of the generator set.

Freeze protection: In cold climates, coolant lowers the freezing point of water, preventing the engine from freezing and allowing the engine to run smoothly even at low temperatures.

Lubrication: Coolant also lubricates certain engine parts, such as water pump seals and bearings, reducing wear and prolonging their life.

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Regular maintenance and timely refilling of coolant is necessary for the normal operation and service life of diesel generator sets. Over time, coolant can degrade, become contaminated with impurities, or leak. When coolant levels are too low or quality deteriorates, it can lead to engine overheating, corrosion, and performance degradation.


A timely coolant refill ensures that the engine remains properly cooled and protected. It also provides an opportunity to check the coolant system for leaks or signs of damage. Coolant should be changed and replenished regularly as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain optimum performance and prevent costly repairs.

Operation Standards for Refilling Coolant for a Diesel Generator Set

The operation standards for refilling coolant for a diesel generator set typically include the following steps:


  • 1.Ensure that the generator set is properly shut down and the engine is cool before attempting to refill the coolant.
  • 2.Locate the coolant reservoir or radiator filler cap on the generator set. This can usually be found near the engine or on the side of the generator set.
  • 3.Carefully open the coolant reservoir or radiator filler cap to relieve any pressure. Hot coolant or steam may cause burns, so be careful during operation.
  • 4.Check the current coolant level in the reservoir or radiator to ensure that there is sufficient coolant. The level should be between the minimum and maximum marks on the tank.
  • 5.If the coolant level is low, it will need to be refilled until the desired level is reached. A funnel is required if necessary to avoid spillage and waste.
  • 6.Close the coolant reservoir or radiator filler cap. Ensure that it is locked tight to avoid any leakage and entry of contaminants.
  • 7.Start the generator set and let it run for a few minutes. Monitor the coolant temperature gauge or indicator light to make sure the engine is not overheating.
  • 8.Check for any leaks around the coolant reservoir or radiator. If any leaks are detected, immediately shut down the generator set and fix the problem before continuing operation.
  • During normal operation, monitor the coolant level and temperature regularly to ensure that it remains within the recommended range. If the coolant level continues to drop, this may indicate a leak or other problem that requires further investigation and repair.

    It is important to refer to the specific manufacturer's guidelines and the generator set's owner's manual for precise instructions on replenishing coolant, as procedures may vary depending on the make and model of the diesel generator set.


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