AGG Waterproofed Genset Rain Test: Built to Withstand the Harshest On-site Conditions

Water ingression will cause corrosion and damage to the internal equipment of the generator set. Therefore, the waterproof degree of the generator set is directly related to the performance of the entire equipment and the stable operation of the project.

In order to confirm the waterproof performance of AGG's generator sets and to further improve the waterproofness of the generator sets, AGG conducted a round of rain tests on its waterproof generator sets according to the GBT 4208-2017 Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code).


The test equipment used in this rain test was developed by AGG, which can simulate the natural rainfall environment and test the rainproof/waterproof performance of the generator set, scientific and reasonable.


The spraying system of the test equipment used in this test is designed with multiple spraying nozzles, which can spray the generator set from multiple angles. The spraying time, area and pressure of the test equipment can be controlled by a control system to simulate the natural rainfall environment and obtain the waterproof data of AGG generator sets under different rainfall conditions. In addition, possible leaks in the generator set can also be accurately identified.

Waterproof performance of the generator set is one of the basic performances of high-quality generator set products. This test not only proved that AGG's generator sets have good waterproof performance, but also accurately discovered the hidden leakage points of the sets with the help of the intelligent control system, which provided a clear direction for later product optimization.

Post time: Oct-26-2022