New Product! AGG VPS Diesel Generator Set

AGG VPS (Variable Power Solution), Double Power, Double Excellence!


With two generators inside a container, AGG VPS series generator sets are designed for variable power needs and high-cost performance.

♦ Double Power, Double Excellence
AGG VPS series generator sets are fully equipped, and with two generators running in parallel in one container, fuel consumption can be greatly reduced for units in all power ranges through flexible load regulation.

♦ 24/7 Robust Power Supply
Uninterrupted power supply can be well guaranteed by VPS series generator sets. Thanks to its robust two-generator design, one of the generators can still be run to use 50% of the generator set's performance to ensure all-day power supply.

♦ Smart Power, Smart Operation
With the use of a complete set of intelligent control system, status information, alarm information, real-time data, etc. can be viewed and controlled through the external 10" color touch screen or a mobile phone/computer remotely. Simple and clear, with a high degree of specialization and intelligence.

♦ High Durability in Various Harsh Environments
AGG VPS series generator sets feature a containerized enclosure that is robust and easy to transport between different application locations. With the high protection level of the enclosure, VPS series generator sets are able to withstand a variety of harsh environments. For example, this series of generator sets are capable of operating at maximum power without derating at altitudes of up to 1000 meters and temperatures of 50°C.

♦ High Flexibility and Wide Application Range
AGG VPS series generator sets can also be designed to operate up to 16 units synchronously to meet the power needs of mining, oil, gas, and other applications, making them a reliable power solution for basic and critical power supply.


Stay tuned for more information about AGG VPS series generator sets!

Post time: May-24-2022