The Applications of Diesel Generator Set in Industrial Field

Diesel generator sets are widely used in various applications in the industrial field due to their reliability, durability, and efficiency.

Industrial facilities require energy to power their infrastructure and production processes. In the event of a grid outage, having a backup power source ensures continuous power to industrial facilities, avoiding emergency power outages that can damage personnel safety or cause huge economic losses.

Below are some common applications of diesel generator sets in the industrial field.


Prime Power: Diesel generator sets can be used as the primary power source for industrial facilities, ensuring the continued operation of important industrial facilities when the power grid is unavailable or unstable.

Backup Power: Diesel generator sets are also commonly used as a backup power source to provide power during grid interruptions, preventing equipment downtime and ensuring efficient production.

Peak Shaving: Diesel generator sets can be used to manage tight power demand during peak times. By providing extra power during periods of high demand, it eases the strain on the grid while helping to reduce the cost of electricity.

Remote Locations: In remote industrial sites or construction projects, diesel generator sets are used to power large equipment, provide lighting and power other operations.

Emergency Response: Diesel generator sets are vital in emergency situations, such as powering critical infrastructure such as hospitals, data centers and communication systems.

Mining and Oil & Gas: Industries such as mining, oil and gas rely on diesel generator sets to power equipment, pumps, and machinery in rugged and remote environments.

Telecommunications: Telecom base stations and communications infrastructure often use diesel generator sets as a backup power source to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and guarantee continuous power to telecommunications facilities.

Manufacturing: Many manufacturing plants use diesel generator sets to maintain operations during power outages or as a primary power source in areas where grid power is unreliable.

Diesel generator sets play a crucial role in the industrial field by ensuring continuous power supply, supporting operations in remote locations, and providing backup power during emergencies.

AGG Industrial Range Generator Sets

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