Using Steps and Safety Notes of Generator Sets

Generator sets are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. They are usually used as a backup power source in areas where there is a power outage or without access to the power grid. In order to enhance the safety of equipment and personnel, AGG has listed some using steps and safety notes regarding the operation of generator sets for users' reference.

· Use steps

Read the manual and follow the instructions: Remember to read the manufacturer's guide or manual before operating the generator set to better understand the specific instructions and maintenance requirements of the generator set.

Select the appropriate location: The generator set needs to be placed outdoors or in a specific power room that is well ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide (CO) buildup. Also make sure the installation location is away from doors, windows and other vents in the house to avoid carbon monoxide entering the living space.

Follow the fuel requirements: Use the correct type and quantity of fuel required in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Store fuel in approved containers and ensure that it is stored away from the generator set.

Ensure proper connection: Ensure that the generator set is properly connected to the electrical equipment that needs to be powered. The connected cables are within specification, of sufficient length and must be replaced as soon as they are found to be damaged.

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Starting the generator set correctly: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly start the generator set. This usually includes steps such as opening the fuel valve, pulling the starter cord, or pressing the electric start button.


· Safety notes

Carbon Monoxide (CO) risks: Carbon monoxide produced by a generator set is colorless and odorless and can be fatal if inhaled in excess. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the generator set is operated outside or in a specific power room, away from house vents, and it is recommended to install a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector in the home.

Electrical safety: Ensure that the generator set is properly grounded and that electrical equipment is connected according to instructions. Never connect a generator set directly to household electrical wiring without a proper transfer switch, as it will energize the utility line and pose a danger to line workers and others in the vicinity.

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Fire safety: Keep the generator set away from flammable and combustible materials. Do not refuel the generator set while it is running or hot, but allow it to cool for a few minutes before refueling.

Prevent electrical shock: Do not operate the generator set in wet conditions and avoid touching the generator set with wet hands or standing in water.

Maintenance and repairs: Inspect and maintain the generator set regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. If repairs are needed or technical knowledge is lacking, seek the assistance of a professional or a generator set supplier.


Keep in mind that the specific using steps and safety precautions for using a generator set may vary depending on the type and model. Therefore, users must follow the manufacturer's manual or guidelines to operate the generator set to avoid unnecessary damage and loss, and to ensure safe and efficient operation of the generator set.

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