Noise Requirements for Diesel Generator Sets in Different Applications

A soundproof generator set is designed to minimize the noise generated during operation. It achieves low noise level performance through technologies such as soundproof enclosure, sound-damping materials, airflow management, engine design, noise-reducing components and silencers.


The noise level of a diesel generator set will vary depending on the specific application. The following are some common noise requirements for different applications.


 Residential areas: In residential areas, where generator sets are often used as a backup power source, noise restrictions are typically more stringent. Noise levels are usually kept below 60 decibels (dB) during the day and below 55dB at night.

Commercial and office buildings: To ensure a quiet office environment, generator sets used in commercial and office buildings are usually required to meet specific noise level to ensure minimal disruption to the workplace. During normal operation, the noise level is usually controlled below 70-75dB.

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Construction sites: Diesel generator sets used on construction sites are subject to noise regulations to minimize the impact on nearby residents and workers. Noise levels are typically controlled below 85dB during the day and 80 dB at night.

Industrial facilities: Industrial facilities typically have areas where noise levels need to be controlled to comply with occupational health and safety regulations. In these areas, the noise levels of diesel generator sets may vary, but are usually required to be below 80dB.

Healthcare facilities: In hospitals and medical facilities, where a quiet environment is essential for proper patient care and medical treatment, noise levels from generator sets need to be minimized. Noise requirements may vary from hospital to hospital, but typically range from below 65dB to below 75dB.

Outdoor events: Generator sets used for outdoor events, such as concerts or festivals, need to meet noise limits to prevent disruption to event attendees and neighboring areas. Depending on the event and venue, noise levels are typically kept below 70-75dB.


These are general examples and it should be noted that noise requirements may vary depending on location and the specific regulations. It is recommended to be aware of local noise regulations and requirements when installing and operating a diesel generator set in a particular application.


AGG Soundproof Diesel Generator Sets

For places with strict requirements on noise control, soundproof generator sets are often used, and in some cases may even require special noise reduction configurations for the generator set.


AGG's soundproof generator sets offer effective soundproofing performance, making them an excellent choice for applications where noise reduction is a priority, such as residential areas, offices, hospitals and other noise-sensitive locations.

Noise Requirements for Diesel Generator Sets in Different Applications (2)

AGG understands that every project is unique. Therefore, based on strong solution design capabilities and a professional team, AGG customizes its solutions accordingly to best meet the specific needs of the project.


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