The Applications of Diesel Generator Set in Offshore Activities

Diesel generator sets have a key role to play in offshore activities. They provide reliable and versatile power solutions that enable the smooth operation of various systems and equipment required for offshore operations. Following are some of its main uses:

Power Generation: Diesel generator sets are commonly used as a reliable source of electricity in offshore activities. They provide power for lighting, equipment, machinery, and other electrical systems on offshore platforms, drilling rigs and ships.

Marine Vessels: Diesel generator sets are installed on various types of offshore vessels, such as supply ships, tugboats, and offshore support vessels. They provide the necessary power for propulsion, navigation, communication systems and on-board facilities.


Oil and Gas Industry: Diesel generator sets play a vital role in offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities. They are used to power drilling rigs, offshore production platforms, offshore processing facilities and other infrastructure.

Emergency Backup: Diesel generator sets serve as a backup power source in the event of a power outage or equipment failure. They ensure uninterrupted operation and the safety

Emergency Backup: Diesel generator sets serve as a backup power source in the event of a power outage or equipment failure. They ensure uninterrupted operation and the safety of critical offshore activities, especially during emergencies or maintenance work.

Offshore Construction: Diesel generator sets are used in offshore construction projects such as wind farms, subsea infrastructure, and offshore platform installations. They provide temporary power during the construction phase to ensure the successful completion of construction work.

Remote Locations: Due to the high degree of flexibility, reliability and ease of transportation, diesel generator sets are often the most practical power solution for offshore activities in remote or isolated areas.

Performances Required for Generator Set Used in Offshore Activities

When it comes to generator sets used in offshore activities, there are certain performance requirements that need to be considered. Following are a few important factors:

Power output: The generator set should be capable of providing the required power output to meet the demands of offshore activities. This may include powering equipment, lighting, communication systems and other electrical requirements.

Reliability and durability: Offshore is characterized by variable weather, harsh environments, high humidity, and exposure to seawater. Gensets should be designed to withstand these challenges and operate reliably for long periods of time with infrequent failures.

Fuel efficiency: Offshore activities often require generator sets to run for long periods of time. High fuel efficiency of the generator set is essential to reduce refueling frequency and optimize operations.

Noise and vibration: Offshore activities often involve working near living quarters or other sensitive areas. Generator sets should have noise and vibration reduction features to minimize disruption.

Safety features: The offshore environment requires strict safety standards. Generator sets should include safety features such as automatic shutdown mechanisms for overload, low oil pressure and high temperature conditions.

Certification and compliance: The generator set should meet relevant marine and offshore industry standards and certifications, such as those provided by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), or Lloyds.

Easy maintenance and serviceability: Considering the remote nature of offshore activities, the generator set should be designed for ease of maintenance and service tasks. This facilitates regular inspections, repairs and replacements of parts when necessary.

AGG recommends that it is important to consult with a reputable genset manufacturer or supplier to ensure that specific performance requirements are met based on the unique needs of the project.


AGG Generator Sets for a Wide Range of Applications

AGG specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of generator set products and advanced energy solutions.

AGG generator sets have been used in a wide range of applications, including a variety of offshore activities. They consistently deliver reliable and efficient performance, as demonstrated by their ability to operate well in complex offshore environments.



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