Industrial installations need energy to power their infrastructure and production processes.


It is sometimes necessary to provide a back-up electricity supply in the event of a grid outage in order to protect certain especially complex processes, or when any interruption would be particularly damaging in terms of safety or cost.


AGG Power generating sets offer a reliable and robust solution for your industrial applications in both production and back-up mode, accompanied by an unbeatable level of service.
Fully aware that every project is unique, with its own particular constraints, AGG Power offers you its engineering expertise to design the power solution that meets your specifications.


It can even help you to establish your specifications and recommend the generating sets that best meet your needs.

With more than 120 dealers aounrd the world in the generating set markets and having managed hundreds of complex and bespoke projects, AGG Power offers you the peace of mind of a reliable power production plant, fastest service, ensuring that your industrial facilities are able to operate reliably and safely.